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Developer Kevin Glynn, aka "Uncle Webb," has discovered a weird Windows Defender bug that causes Intel CPUs to endure a important show deed connected Windows 10 oregon 11.

According to a Tech Power Up report (opens successful caller tab), the bug causes Windows Defender to "randomly commencement utilizing each 7 hardware show counters provided by Intel Core processors." That wouldn't beryllium a large problem, according to Tech Power Up, but that Defender is randomly changing the privilege level of the counters—setting them to "mode 2"—which puts it successful struggle with different bundle that's trying to usage the antagonistic successful its emblematic state, "mode 3."

Uncle Webb saw his Intel Core i9 10850K instrumentality a 6% show dip successful Cinebench; helium claims this tin impact users with Intel Core CPUs from 2008 and on. Other instances saw Defender dinging CPU show by astir 4%. He did not spot immoderate issues connected AMD Ryzen CPUs.

The chaotic happening is that determination is nary mode to foretell erstwhile Windows Defender volition enactment up. Uncle Webb says it could hap connected footwear oregon immoderate clip after, and unless you are actively monitoring your CPU performance, you won't cognize erstwhile it happens. 

There's 1 alternatively questionable mode of resolving this contented should you brushwood it: disabling Windows Defender. Like Tech Power Up, we wouldn't urge this approach, since it'll permission your strategy vulnerable. 

Uncle Webb besides has developed immoderate bundle that could supply a fix. The archetypal is ThrottleStop 9.5 (opens successful caller tab). Once booted, deed the Windows Defender Boost option, which keeps Defender from randomly utilizing each your CPU show counters whenever it wants. The different is Counter Control (opens successful caller tab), which does much oregon little the aforesaid thing. Either should let Windows Defender to support Windows without hurting your CPU's performance. 

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