The Next Monster Rancher Game Is All About Kaiju |

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Monster Rancher was revived precocious past twelvemonth with the merchandise of the Monster Ranger 1&2 DX collection, and Bandai Namco isn't going to halt there. In fact, the bid is going bigger. Much bigger!

The archetypal trailer for Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher asks a important question, "How would you similar to rise your precise ain Ultra Kaiju?" To which I responded, "Yes, please. I'd precise overmuch similar that. Give it to maine now." Foregoing the dull, average-sized creatures you utilized to rise successful Monster Rancher, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher lets you instrumentality attraction of immoderate colossal saccharine boys. You'll rise the likes of Zettan, Gomora, and Alien Baltan  all licensed Kaiju from the Ultraman franchise. Many different existing Kaiju look successful the game, and you'll instrumentality them to assistance townsfolk successful ways lone a elephantine monster could. You tin besides enactment successful monolithic monster battles oregon ticker the colossal beings waddle similar large clumsy babies. As a amusive bonus, the Kaiju tin beryllium bred, making chaotic combinations of their attributes look successful their children. It each seems similar a batch of goofy fun.

We're not definite if Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is coming to North America, but it's slated to deed Japan and Southeast Asia this year. At the precise least, a mentation volition be translated into English for those looking to import.