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Huntshowdown 1.9 patch
(Image credit: Crytek)

Crytek has prepared a swathe of improvements for its stealthy shooter Hunt: Showdown, including a hole for a longstanding method issue: the dreaded desync teleportation that astir of america person experienced erstwhile climbing ladders oregon trying to wedge yourself done the aforesaid doorway that your teammate's in.

The forthcoming 1.9 update is presently being enactment done its paces connected Hunt's nationalist trial server, but a afloat merchandise day for the changes isn't acceptable yet.

Although determination are caller weapon skins, Legendary Hunters, representation adjustments, and different worldly connected the way, astir of the changes are method successful nature. Here's the biggest worldly that stands retired to maine successful Hunt's 1.9 update arsenic idiosyncratic who's enactment 200 hours into the crippled this year.

Gunfire dependable propagation

Crytek says: "Improved the audio tied to distant interior gunshots for amended readability implicit distance. This should marque it casual to find if a changeable was fired indoors oregon outdoors."

Are those gunshots idiosyncratic frantically sidesplitting a brag inside, oregon are they a spontaneous brushwood betwixt 2 teams? This small-but-significant alteration further emphasizes listening arsenic a skill, 1 of my favourite aspects of Hunt.

Hunt Showdown 1.9 patch

A preview of the Black Market. (Image via the Hunt YouTuber HomeReel's station connected Reddit, with added comments by him overlaid.) (Image credit: via HomeReel connected Reddit, with added comments by him overlaid)Spend your Blood Bonds astatine the Black Market

A caller benignant of rotating store, this seems to beryllium a fuller, themed implementation of the regular discounts presently successful Hunt's in-game store, featuring "several infamous vendors." We've seen this benignant of happening successful different online competitory games. I bash similar the thought of getting legendaries I already ain astatine an occasional Hunt Dollars discount, which Crytek says you'll beryllium capable to bash if 1 of your owned items shows up successful the rotation. A abstracted store for Blood Bonds should besides wide up the confusing buying acquisition Hunt has close now, wherever immoderate items tin beryllium purchased with earnable Blood Bonds and others are nonstop $9-$15 purchases. 

Hunt Showdown 1.9 patch

A before/after examination of Uppercut damage. (Image via the Hunt YouTuber HomeReel's station connected Reddit, with added comments by him overlaid.) (Image credit: via HomeReel connected Reddit, with added comments by him overlaid)Ammo (& corresponding weapon balance) changes "Slightly reduced Uppercut harm astatine adjacent range, but it retains harm amended implicit distance""Reduce the other ammo for Slugs by astir 30-40%""Slugs present differentiate betwixt mean and agelong barreled shotguns, resulting successful somewhat stronger harm driblet implicit region with mean barreled shotguns compared to before.Increased the complaint of occurrence of the Winfield 1876 Centennial by astir 20%.""Reload velocity has been accrued to shorten the reload clip of the Winfield 1887 Terminus""Increased the basal harm of the poison ammo to beryllium successful enactment with regular ammo.""Minor adjustments made to the ballistics of the agelong ammo pistol cartridge to somewhat trim the harm dealt astatine adjacent scope but keeping higher harm astatine somewhat longer distances."

This is simply a wide acceptable of changes that volition hopefully marque a fewer much weapons much viable successful higher MMRs, wherever Hunt's meta is astatine its astir stagnant. Most notably, the ascendant Caldwell Conversion Uppercut (an costly pistol that shoots firearm bullets) has been somewhat nerfed astatine mean scope truthful it's not arsenic almighty successful each scenario.


 "We person improved the mistake correction successful crippled which should let for faster and fairer feedback successful those instances wherever desync tin occur. The purpose present is to trim the instances of abrupt and unexpected teleports."

Anyone who plays Hunt has experienced the sometimes-annoying teleporting that happens erstwhile clambering implicit mud hills oregon falling disconnected a ledge. It's bully to spot this get addressed, but I deliberation aspects similar this often get overstated by streamers and top-tier players, who thin to fixate connected unsmooth edges that impact high-level play. 

(Image credit: via HomeReel connected Reddit, with added comments by him overlaid)
 Two caller Legendary Hunters

Meet "Bartender," who seemingly inactive needs a name, and Hawkshaw Jack, yet different black-garbed fighter. There's besides a breached vessel point (unclear if it's a modular weapon oregon dense knife), which volition nary uncertainty beryllium disposable successful a bundle with the bartender. I'm precise anxious to cognize the portion names served up successful Hunt's 18th-century saloons, hopefully that volition marque an quality successful the bits of lore stuffed successful the menus.

(Image credit: via HomeReel connected Reddit, with added comments by him overlaid)
Map changes

Select representation areas person had ladders oregon windows added oregon subtracted, oregon screen dropped in. Have a look for yourself successful the images above. The astir important alteration is to Kingsnake Mine, which gets a caller passageway entranceway underneath the compound, a slithering way that leads to the main and broadside building. 

Hunt Showdown spawns

(Image credit: Crytek)Spawn spacing

"Player Spawn improvement: There is present a minimum region betwixt spawning players of 110m connected DeSalle. This avoids immoderate unfair spawn configurations and allows america to spot much spawn points successful general. This presently lone affects spawns successful DeSalle arsenic the earlier maps already person larger distances betwixt the spawns."

I bask the unpredictability of Hunt's asymmetrical spawn points. I emotion getting successful early-game fights and encountering players unexpectedly successful the archetypal compound. In my ain acquisition the region betwixt spawns doesn't needfully request to beryllium increased, but I don't person the payment of Hunt's broad information to gully from. I conscionable anticipation that astonishment first-clue encounters don't hap little often arsenic a effect of this change.

Hunt Showdown 1.9 patch

(Image via the Hunt YouTuber HomeReel's station connected Reddit, with added comments by him overlaid.) (Image credit: via HomeReel connected Reddit, with added comments by him overlaid)More accusation successful the lucifer debrief

After beauteous overmuch each match, my teammates and I look astatine the "match summary" surface and effort to portion unneurotic a cohesive communicative of who we fought and however it played out. It tin beryllium a spot hard to decode this information: it's not wide erstwhile you frag the aforesaid subordinate twice, oregon which squad snatched up a bounty first. Some players person already taken announcement that the icons successful the trial server aren't chiseled enough, but I'm conscionable gladsome to spot attraction being paid to this spot of UI that I deliberation astir players interact with each clip they play.

Matches are shorter

Matches are present capped astatine 45 minutes. Interestingly, Crytek shared that "only 1% of each matches went beyond the 45-minute mark." After dying astatine the extremity of an exhausting 30-minute campfest/standoff past night, I'd emotion to spot lucifer magnitude curtailed adjacent further to discourage stalemates, though we cognize that Crytek has immoderate other, unrevealed plans for addressing camping. 

The afloat patchnotes for this not-quite-final spot tin beryllium recovered connected Hunt's Steam page.

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