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When idiosyncratic starts a rumor that 1 of my favourite games from puerility is astir to marque a triumphant return, I effort to not deliberation overmuch of it, lest my hopes beryllium dashed by a acold little absorbing reality. My chap Sly Cooper and Infamous fans were served a acold solid of world contiguous erstwhile Sucker Punch officially denied a rumor kicked up by 'insiders' implicit the past fewer months—sorry folks, cipher is moving connected a caller Sly Cooper oregon Infamous game.

"With our absorption connected our existent project, we person nary plans to revisit inFAMOUS oregon Sly Cooper close now, and nary different workplace is presently moving connected projects related to those franchises either," reads the blog post.

"These characters are precise peculiar and adjacent and beloved to our hearts, truthful portion we’d ne'er accidental ne'er to re-opening those doors down the road, for present determination are nary inFAMOUS oregon Sly Cooper games successful development."

Sucker Punch is letting america down easy, but we truly knew each along, right? The grounds astir this rumor wasn't particularly credible: an anonymous poster connected 4chan said Sly 5 is real, and a supposedly reliable leaker backed up the claim. Platformers starring animals don't truly acceptable the satellite connected occurrence these days, a acquisition Sony learned 9 years agone erstwhile it gave Sly Cooper 4 a effort with a caller developer. A caller Infamous is little of a stretch, but considering Sucker Punch is inactive enjoying the large occurrence of Ghost of Tsushima, backtracking for a 4th Infamous crippled doesn't marque overmuch consciousness either.

But a amusive portion of liking things is that, adjacent erstwhile there's a snowball's accidental successful hellhole of thing chill happening, it's inactive bully to cognize it possibly could. It's a shame that these mendacious rumors stirred up capable expectations and excitement that Sucker Punch had to travel retired and corroborate 2 bid I emotion are good and genuinely dead. At slightest for now.

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