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Namibian Educator: Low Level of Crypto and Blockchain Adoption in Africa Compelled Me to Write a Book | Tech.pandudita.com - TECH PANDUDITA
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Namibian Educator: Low Level of Crypto and Blockchain Adoption in Africa Compelled Me to Write a Book | Tech.pandudita.com

Namibian Educator: Low Level of Crypto and Blockchain Adoption in Africa Compelled Me to Write a Book | Tech.pandudita.com

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Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts person for years preached astir the overmuch envisioned wide adoption of this fintech and wherefore this is an important extremity that indispensable beryllium achieved sooner than later. However, galore factors similar ignorance, a deficiency of information, and mediocre telecommunication infrastructure person made the attainment of this nonsubjective difficult.

A Book of ‘Immeasurable’ Importance

In Africa, wherever proponents of cryptocurrencies judge the exertion has a amended accidental of succeeding, the task of convincing the continent’s citizens is made adjacent much hard by scammers. The fig of radical losing wealth to crypto scams remains precise high, and this works against adoption efforts.

To flooded this challenge, 1 Namibian pedagogue and author, Gurvy Kavei, decided to people a publication that shares what helium has learned. Kavei, who is besides a tutor astatine the University of Namibia, told Bitcoin.com News that helium expects the publication to assistance practitioners, policymakers, arsenic good arsenic educators similar himself, go acquainted with the technology’s basics.

In summation to sharing his reasons for publishing the book, Kavei explained to Bitcoin.com News successful written responses wherefore thinks acquisition is the key. Below are Kavei’s responses to questions sent to him via Whatsapp.

Bitcoin.com News (BCN): What made you determine to constitute this book?

Gurvy Kavei (GK): I americium an educationist. With the debased level of crypto and blockchain adoptions successful Africa and Namibia successful particular, it becomes a work of attraction to make and stock cognition with aboriginal generations of galore integer system hopefuls. So this is to assistance those that privation to assistance themselves successful the crypto/blockchain space. Neo-economics is nary longer astir monopoly accumulation of wealth, but astir shared prosperity. So I decided to constitute this publication to stock the prosperity of some wealthiness and knowledge.

BCN: How important is this publication oregon immoderate different publication that seeks to rise consciousness with the nationalist astir bitcoin and the blockchain?

GK: The value of this publication is immeasurable. It covers astir 360 degrees of the full crypto ecology. It outlines the scope of the 4th Industrial gyration and however it connects to blockchain technology. The publication further takes a heavy dive into crypto mining and crypto trading. The 3rd and astir important aspects the publication covers are the geographical footprints, regulatory permutations and fintech enablers that alteration practitioners and entrepreneurs to laic a coagulated manus connected the caller integer economy. So this publication comes successful useful for practitioners, policymakers arsenic good arsenic educators.

BCN: What is your appraisal of the level of involvement successful cryptocurrencies successful Namibia?

GK: The level of involvement is progressively increasing larger and astir everywhere. Five years agone the crypto abstraction could lone beryllium characterized by isolated pockets of multi-level selling Bitcoin mining networks present and then. Although astir of these similar Bitclub Network, Mining City, oregon Crowd1 person had their inherent structural failures, crypto entrepreneurship remains buoyant with caller entrants entering the crypto ecology successful antithetic ways and for antithetic reasons.

With ample numbers of young entrepreneurs entering this space, crypto trading is 1 peculiar niche wherever young radical are uncovering answers to the out-of-control (30%) unemployment and a solution to improving their ain livelihood. Others similar the Digital Wealth Economy of Namibia are present moving Crypto Automated Machine (ATMs) wherever 1 tin bargain oregon merchantability crypto successful Windhoek.

This inclination is increasing successful size and abstraction with time. With accrued grooming successful the usage of Web3, AI and different coding practices, young radical are present powerfully hatching caller solutions successful the fintech space. Other Blockchain derivative solutions are emerging. I and different Blockchain enthusiasts person designed blockchain solutions for nationalist and backstage enterprises to resoluteness galore problems including onshore and spot registrations, Identity Management. On the world and probe front, my caller publication and others slated for the aboriginal are indications of however Namibia’s involvement successful crypto is changing.

Finally, the Bank of Namibia has officially expressed involvement that it has intentions to research the possibilities of launching a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) immoderate clip soon. All these things person enticed the University of Namibia to beryllium the archetypal precocious instauration of learning to see introducing world programs successful blockchain technology.

BCN: Are you capable to springiness america immoderate preliminary results oregon feedback astir your publication since its launch?

GK: Since the launch, immoderate caller opportunities person started showing up. First, the fig of orders from individuals has started to prime up. Also, 3 higher acquisition institutions person considered utilizing the publication successful their grooming connected the blockchain. These see the University of Namibia and the Digital Wealth Academy, portion others are connected the horizon.

While the fig of books income astatine planetary distributors similar Grin Verlag, Lehmanns Media, Barnes and Noble Store, and Amazon Books, is increasing, determination are efforts to unafraid section organisation rights successful Namibia and a fewer different African countries wherever the request for crypto/blockchain acquisition is increasing rapidly. Two projects connected processing blockchain solutions successful insurance, and spot registration person started successful afloat earnest successful Namibia since the publication launch. One believes this is not the end. There volition beryllium galore much to follow.

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Terence Zimwara

Terence Zimwara is simply a Zimbabwe award-winning journalist, writer and writer. He has written extensively astir the economical troubles of immoderate African countries arsenic good arsenic however integer currencies tin supply Africans with an flight route.

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