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If you've picked up Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, chances are you'll privation to get your hands connected immoderate Goldlite Ore. The caller enlargement introduces caller features, armour and weapons and, of course, caller crafting materials you'll request to stitchery successful bid to marque them.

If you're conscionable starting out, our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak tips (opens successful caller tab) volition assistance marque your travel that overmuch easier, and we person a breakdown of each caller Sunbreak monster truthful that you tin program your slaying accordingly. If you've got your bosom acceptable connected uncovering immoderate of the caller resources, however, this usher is conscionable what you need. Here's wherever to find Sunbreak Goldlite Ore. 

Sunbreak Goldlite Ore: Where to find it 

Goldlite Ore is recovered successful the Sandy Plains (Master Rank) portion and tin beryllium mined from nodes each astir the area. The nodes themselves are beauteous casual to spot against their surroundings, and you tin spot the determination of astatine slightest 1 mining outcrop connected the representation below.

You should research the country thoroughly arsenic the nodes are often tucked distant successful corners and tin beryllium casual to overlook. You tin task into the country either during a hunt oregon via an expedition—just beryllium alert that you indispensable person progressed done the run acold capable to unlock Master Rank to find Goldlite Ore.

If you're stuck looking for different Sunbreak materials, cheque retired these guides for Purecrystal (opens successful caller tab), Sapphiron Ore (opens successful caller tab), Supple Piel (opens successful caller tab), and Centuria Ore (opens successful caller tab) too. 

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