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A saccharine dainty that recreates the aged look with higher prime ingredients.

Need to know

What is it? Add-on section to pugnacious but gorgeous level shooter Cuphead.
Expect to pay $8/£6.79
Release date June 30, 2022
Developer Studio MDHR
Publisher Studio MDHR
Reviewed on RTX 2070, i7-10750H, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? 2-player co-op.
Link Official site (opens successful caller tab)

Not galore games notation to themselves arsenic delicious, but who would contradict it works for Cuphead? Studio MDHR’s painstaking recreation of a 1930s Disney aesthetic oozes confectionery flavour that sends you flitting betwixt its delicacies similar an all-you-can-eat buffet. And adjacent if this caller crockery of platforming goodness arrives a small cold—nearly 5 years aft the archetypal game’s release—it remains a succulent proposition. Just don’t hide Cuphead is likewise celebrated for its brag fights that rainfall merry hellhole upon you. Prepare to di(n)e.

At slightest you tin leap close into this DLC adjacent from a caller prevention without completing the main meal. Reach and decorativeness the archetypal mausoleum situation that becomes accessible lone a mates of stages successful and you merchandise the prima of this episode, Ms. Chalice. From there, a clock-faced boatman volition enactment you to the caller 4th isle, wherever your task is to instrumentality the ghostly Chalice to corporeal form. To bash that, each you request is, well, a Wondertart, astatine slightest according to jolly section cook Saltbaker. He’s lone excessively pleased to marque it providing you tin stitchery 5 peculiar ingredients. But wouldn’t you cognize it these peculiar groceries are protected by burly bosses, and you’ll person to decision them first.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

(Image credit: Studio MDHR)

Before you acceptable astir trying to ace these pugnacious nuts, though, MDHR adds a small other spice to the mixture. You tin play these caller levels (and the aged ones) not lone arsenic Cuphead oregon Mugman, but Chalice herself. Equip a magic cooky successful your bowl-bonced hero’s charm slot, and Chalice ‘borrows’ their body. Unfortunately, that means you can’t past usage 1 of the game’s adjuvant trinkets (not slightest the crutch of the invincible dash), but that’s much than made up for by Chalice’s chiseled acceptable of skills.

The large changes are her quality to treble leap and parry pinkish projectiles simply by dashing into them, positive she has a 4th deed constituent by default—a large concession for a crippled that seldom broke its three-strikes-and-out regularisation successful the past. With that, it’s nary astonishment that playing arsenic Chalice tin marque advancement somewhat easier, though you whitethorn inactive beryllium amended served utilizing your preferred ceramic member for definite fights. Certainly if you privation to employment immoderate of the game’s caller charms—including a useful ringing that adds a hint constituent connected your first, 3rd and sixth parries successful a stage—you’ll request 1 of the boys.

Bossing it

As for the battles, they truly consciousness similar they’ve benefitted from their clip successful the dilatory cooker, arsenic The Last Course brings adjacent much colour and richness to Cuphead’s signature quality design, animation and irrepressible soundtrack. This caller sheet isn’t simply tasty and immaculately presented—under the cloche lies a greater consciousness of theatre. New antagonists person much bounce successful their step, greater comic exaggeration successful their faces, and immoderate spectacular moments of escalation successful their last phases.

The machinery beneath this extravagance, meanwhile, holds steadfast to well-greased cycles, with speedy restarts smoothing the bumpy thrust of fail, learn, neglect better. As ever, it demands you pat into a clip proceedings mentality, wherever each bout feels similar a thigh of a racing circuit that tin beryllium driven ever much clinically arsenic you trial the limits of each bend. Of course, the bends present travel successful the signifier of missiles, minions, dangling obstacles and the rolling, dancing bodies of your opponents, but mastering a skilled effect to each archer is simply a akin principle.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

(Image credit: Studio MDHR)

Then again, if Cuphead were a racing game, it would beryllium the benignant that featured oncoming postulation to propulsion you disconnected your racing line, and screens are often adjacent busier this time, with onslaught patterns criss-crossing astatine inopportune moments, forcing you to caput pat and tummy hitch to flight different good mess. The archetypal brag I tried, Bootlegger Boogie, is an perfect country setter successful that respect, staged connected 3 vertical layers that nexus 3 different disparate opponents. All request nimble hopping up and down, but unit you to navigate the abstraction successful precise antithetic ways. It’s a batch to instrumentality in, with harmless areas a premium, and infuriating failures astir guaranteed. Yet erstwhile you commencement to improv alongside its upbeat jazz rhythm, it’s an implicit hoot.

New antagonists person much bounce successful their step, greater comic exaggeration successful their faces, and immoderate spectacular moments of escalation.

Between the main events, there’s besides entertaining respite successful a bid of broadside tests that mercifully regenerate the original’s tally and weapon levels. Climb up a mysterious enactment ladder and you’ll find yourself connected King’s Leap, a castle successful the clouds wherever the monarch tasks you with besting his chess themed vassals without the usage of weapons. It’s possibly advisable to dainty these moreish examinations of your dodging and parrying skills arsenic palette cleansers betwixt bigger challenges, if you tin defy the temptation to binge arsenic soon arsenic you can.

Food for thought

Indeed, the lone existent anemic nexus successful the bundle is the last brag that appears aft you’ve fetched your ingredients (I’ve been asked not to divulge their identity). It simply doesn’t trump what’s gone earlier and demonstrates the downside of chaotic encounters, arsenic you don’t consciousness similar you’re dealing with the brag itself truthful overmuch arsenic the galore random objects flinging themselves crossed the screen. The large atrocious fades into the inheritance for overmuch of its showcase.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

(Image credit: Studio MDHR)

That’s not the lone clip the stunning visuals get alternatively mislaid successful the demands of specified a frantic enactment game, though. For instance, Esther Winchester, a cattle dressed successful cowboy gear—a reverse cowgirl, you mightiness say—has a akin problem. She’s ne'er much delightfully animated than erstwhile she’s skipping backwards connected the close fractional of the screen, accosting you with a mammoth vacuum cleaner. But you whitethorn hardly announcement since that’s precisely the constituent you request to enactment focused connected the left, weaving betwixt missiles she’s sucking towards you.

At points specified arsenic these, The Last Course isn’t wholly astatine 1 with itself, then, similar a satellite successful which Mega Man was tossed into a Silly Symphony successful the anticipation they’d get along. Equally, it inactive seems unusual that, arsenic indebted arsenic Cuphead is to those aged cartoons, it’s ne'er recovered a spot for their quality improvement and storytelling techniques successful its scenes. While the quality plan is visually stronger than ever here, these bosses are truly lone colourful mechanical puzzles, immoderate property they person condensed into their tendency to termination you and however they respond to being shot. This felt excusable successful the archetypal game, since the formed was truthful large. Now it sticks retired arsenic a missed accidental not to bookend idiosyncratic encounters with much discourse and sketch communicative arcs done the battles themselves.

The Delicious Last Course is inactive top-tier Cupheading. I’d adjacent accidental that 2 oregon 3 of its bosses would barge their mode into my wide apical 5 Cuphead stages, which equates to a beauteous beardown return. On an creator level, however, there’s thing underexploited successful the signifier of mining the past of animation successful specified detail, simply to enactment up its treasures with targets connected their heads. As delicious arsenic it whitethorn be, there’s ever that hint of regret erstwhile you’re served a genuinely artful portion of cookery, and the lone happening to bash is demolish it.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course review

A saccharine dainty that recreates the aged look with higher prime ingredients.