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Apple imagines an iPhone case that triggers UI for gaming, photography, more - TECH PANDUDITA
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Apple imagines an iPhone case that triggers UI for gaming, photography, more

Apple imagines an iPhone case that triggers UI for gaming, photography, more

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Apple has published a patent regarding iPhone cases and docks that enactment near-field wireless connection systems. According to Patently Apple, this accessory would importantly change the cognition and idiosyncratic interface (UI) of the iPhone. 

For instance, erstwhile enactment into a sport-focused protective case, the iPhone whitethorn automatically regenerate its graphical interface with 1 that is sport-focused. Another illustration shows that erstwhile the iPhone is placed connected a talker dock, it whitethorn alteration its UI with a acceptable of audio playback controls.

Essentially, erstwhile the iPhone goes into 1 of these cases oregon docks, it volition alteration its UI to dedicate itself to the accessory. This caller graphical interface volition beryllium adjacent simpler than the modular iPhone interface.

The patent besides has figures illustrating an iPhone sitting wrong a Car Dock. (Possibly successful an Apple Car?) Apple did merchandise a patent past week successful which the car would use an iPhone for self-driving inputs. Per the patent, erstwhile you insert the iPhone, CarPlay and Maps regenerate its modular UI.

The fig beneath shows a camera lawsuit that provides camera-focused UI and different connected gaming wherever determination is an further fastener for gaming.

9to5Mac’s Take

I honestly similar the thought of this patent. It’s hard to ideate what this would look similar successful person. However, it does look truly chill and similar thing I’d emotion to cheque out. There are truthful galore purposes assorted UIs Apple could make – it’d beryllium breathtaking to spot what it does. What bash you deliberation of an iPhone lawsuit oregon basal that adjusts the UI? Would you usage one?

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