AMD 7000 series V-Cache CPUs to fight an Intel 13th Gen CPU that could hit 6GHz |

AMD 7000 series V-Cache CPUs to fight an Intel 13th Gen CPU that could hit 6GHz |

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AMD Ryzen 7000 bid    CPU
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Next procreation CPUs are coming soon, and astir apt sooner than expected. The latest rumours constituent towards a September motorboat for AMDs Zen 4 processors, portion Intel’s competing 13th Generation Raptor Lake (opens successful caller tab) models volition travel towards the extremity of the year.

The archetypal skirmish betwixt AMD and Intel for gaming supremacy volition beryllium absorbing enough, but the champion SKUs are going to beryllium held backmost until aft the archetypal question of launches. We already cognize that AMD plans to merchandise 3D V-cache equipped versions of immoderate of its models. These volition surely supply improved gaming show implicit non-3D Zen 4 models. Can Intel combat back? There’s a caller rumor suggesting that Intel’s champion chips mightiness beryllium capable to scope up to 6GHz acknowledgment to a mature process and architectural improvements.

The accustomed itchy Twitter digit leakers, including @Greymon55 (opens successful caller tab) suggests that Raphael-X (7000 bid V-cache chips) volition travel ‘very quickly’ aft the archetypal launch. Remember, the 5800X3D (opens successful caller tab) launched astir 18 months aft the 5800X, truthful possibly an aboriginal 2023 motorboat is possible. I would conjecture a motorboat successful 2022 is improbable arsenic that would permission lone 3 months aft a September launch. There’s a crushed that AMD mightiness interruption the exigency solid sooner though. Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs could beryllium precise competitive.

That leads maine to what Intel whitethorn bring to the fight. @OneRaichu (opens successful caller tab) indicates that Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs tin timepiece precise well. There’s the anticipation that Intel volition beryllium capable to merchandise a SKU that tin timepiece up to 6GHz. That would beryllium incredible. The Intel 7 process is present mature and fixed we saw the 12900KS timepiece astatine up to 5.5GHz (opens successful caller tab), immoderate tweaks from Intel could conceivably agelong that to 6GHz for a hypothetical i9 13900KS.

This begs the question. Clocks oregon cache? Cache oregon clocks? We person a peek astatine what to expect if we comparison the Ryzen 7 5800X3D to the Core i9 12900K oregon KS. The 5800X3D is mostly regarded arsenic the faster gaming CPU, adjacent though its clocked little than the regular 5800X. That unsocial is undeniable grounds that galore (but not all) games payment from immense amounts of L3 cache. 

But the 12900K and KS are inactive fantabulous gaming processors. If Intel tin adhd a fewer 100 MHz connected apical of that for a 13900K/KS arsenic good arsenic its expected architectural improvements and cache increases, past we could person a precise absorbing combat connected our hands.

Of course, the ‘fastest gaming CPU’ is mostly an workout successful selling from some companies. Performance perfectly matters, but truthful does price, powerfulness efficiency, features, and show successful non-gaming applications. There’s besides the reliance connected the GPU portion of the equation. A strategy moving games astatine 4K with each the details turned up isn’t going to taxation the CPU anyplace adjacent arsenic overmuch arsenic a gamer chasing 360fps successful CS:GO with an RTX 3090. The second script is wherever the CPU tin person a large difference.

Intel's overview of its 13th Gen Raptor Lak CPU architecture

(Image credit: Intel)

Can AMD timepiece its X3D CPUs arsenic precocious arsenic non X3D ones? That would offset immoderate nonaccomplishment successful non-gaming applications, which counted against the 5800X3D. Can they overclock? Can stacked 5nm chiplets beryllium kept cool? 

What of Intel’s models? Will vigor and powerfulness depletion concerns clasp them back? Will they spot higher clocks crossed the full range? We emotion the i5 12400 (opens successful caller tab) present astatine PC Gamer. An affordable 6C/12T i5-13400 that tin deed up to 5GHz without overclocking could beryllium a precise very bully gaming CPU indeed. A fewer e-cores connected the little tier i5s oregon i3s wouldn't beryllium unwelcome too.

There are a batch of questions to beryllium answered. We’ll beryllium looking to reply each of them and much erstwhile we get retired anxious hands connected samples. Add to that Nvidia’s RTX 40 GPUs (opens successful caller tab) and AMD’s RDNA 3 GPUs (opens successful caller tab) and the adjacent fewer months are shaping up to beryllium a massively breathtaking clip for gamers. I can’t wait.

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