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Elden Ring magic
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I've played thing similar 100 hours of Elden Ring, and yet I consciousness similar you could inactive capable a publication with things I don't cognize astir it. It's a immense game, afloat of developer FromSoftware's accustomed cryptic lore, and subtle touches that would inactive beryllium casual to miss successful a crippled a 10th its size. 

Even if you've finished Elden Ring and rolled close into New Game+, likelihood are you don't cognize each of its secrets. Here are conscionable a fewer things I had amusive learning astir the Lands Between.

Heavy spoilers below.

Radahn's equine goes underground and teleports erstwhile helium does his meteor attack 

Radahn is rather perchance Elden Ring's astir intimidating boss—he surely presented 1 of the game's biggest trouble spikes earlier FromSoftware toned him down a spot successful a patch. My favourite spirit substance successful Elden Ring is the mentation that Radahn learned gravity magic arsenic helium grew into a giant, conscionable truthful helium could support riding his beloved equine Leonard. So sweet!

But what happens to Radahn's equine erstwhile helium flies up into the sky, past comes hurtling backmost to the ground? Zullie the Witch breaks it down: successful dilatory motion, you tin ticker him shove his equine underground, presumably to support him harmless from the interaction of Radahn crashing backmost down. OK, the actual crushed is truthful that FromSoftware tin teleport the hidden equine straight nether your feet, giving Radahn a people for his onslaught and letting the quality models reunite, but I similar to deliberation Radahn's got Leonard's champion interests astatine heart. 

Leyndell had vastly antithetic enemies successful the 1.0 physique earlier the time 1 patch

Day 1 patches aren't conscionable for last-minute bug fixes, astatine slightest successful FromSoftware's case. Modder Sekiro Dubi precocious released a video showing importantly antithetic force placements successful Leyndell, the Royal Capital. On the 1.0 physique of the crippled you'd tally into force types that are nary longer contiguous successful Leyndell and find others missing, similar the music-playing Oracle Envoys you brushwood on the partition of the capital. There are besides immoderate important changes to loot and point placement. That time 1 spot was a large 'un. 

You person to usage the "you're beautiful" emote to implicit 1 NPC's quest

Elden Ring Boc successful  a cave

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

The Souls bid has ever had these delightfully creepy dependable emote items truthful you tin accidental "thank you" oregon "you're beautiful" to different players online. But this is simply a FromSoftware game: of people there's much to them than that. Every point factors into the satellite successful immoderate way. In this case, you person to usage the "You're beautiful" Prattling Pate point successful beforehand of Boc the Seamster aft helium tells you that he's disfigured successful Leyndell.

There are a fewer ways Boc's questline tin end, but giving him a compliment leads to the happiest outcome. Everyone needs immoderate affirmative encouragement sometimes.

Fall harm is arsenic messed up arsenic it seems

This is possibly little thing you didn't know, and much confirmation of thing you felt in Elden Ring but didn't cognize for sure: autumn harm doesn't marque overmuch sense. Someone broke down the mathematics astatine play and confirmed that the spread betwixt "a small autumn damage" and "you're dead" is beauteous small. It's a specified 4 meters, successful fact, betwixt 16 (ouchie) and 20 (RIP).

The astir confusing happening astir autumn harm successful Elden Ring is that the items that supposedly trim it don't really person immoderate effect connected however acold you person to autumn to instrumentality lethal damage. That region is set, truthful utilizing items oregon upping your dexterity stat volition lone impact the percentage of harm you instrumentality connected falls that weren't going to termination you anyway. 

The bewitching subdivision point tin caput power immoderate astonishing enemies

There's a reasonably scarce consumable point successful Elden Ring called the Bewitching Branch; its statement says you tin usage it to "pierce a foe, utilizing FP to crook them into a impermanent ally." You know, the ol' caput power trick—the benignant of happening you tin usually lone usage connected low-level enemies, portion bosses volition laughter successful your look and past termination you. That's somewhat existent of the Bewitching Branch, successful that you can't usage it on, say, Malenia to crook the hardest brag successful the crippled into your ally. But you really tin usage it connected the summons successful 1 of Elden Ring's tougher battles.

Run up to Commander Nial's spectral summons erstwhile you look him successful the Mountaintops of the Giants, springiness them a Bewitching Branch poke, and you tin crook it from a 1v3 into a 3v1.

That's astir apt the Bewitching Branch's azygous astir utile moment, but you tin besides usage it to crook immoderate formidable enemies into allies and ruin an invader's day (opens successful caller tab)

Trading successful dragon hearts gives you glowing eyes, akin to the Frenzied Flame

Elden Ring eyes

(Image credit: YouTuber Infected Durian)

Each dragon you decision successful Elden Ring gives you an point you tin instrumentality to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion and commercialized successful for almighty spells. What you whitethorn not person noticed is that aft making 4 trades, your eyes volition glow a agleam yellow, similar you conscionable slipped connected immoderate dragon interaction lenses to bash a small cosplay. The dragon eyes person a catlike pupil and are really chiseled from the much fiery eyes you get if you spell down the way of the Frenzied Flame. 

You tin besides get bloody eyes by pursuing Varre's questline. 

White Mask Varre is level 154, yet lone has 1 INT

How to get   the Bloody Finger successful  Elden Ring.

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Varre, the precise archetypal NPC you conscionable erstwhile you measurement ft into the Lands Between, is not the nicest guy. He suggests that you're "fated, it seems, to dice successful obscurity," earlier suggesting you request his proposal to survive. The irony, arsenic unearthed by Zullie the Witch (opens successful caller tab), is that Varre really has lone a azygous constituent successful his INT stat. My antheral is simply a chromatic acold dumbass.

Every azygous people successful Elden Ring starts with acold much INT than Varre has astatine level 154. Even the barbarian-esque Hero starts with 7 INT. 

If you termination Morgott earlier warring Margit, Margit's arena volition beryllium empty

Elden Ring quality  taking selfie with Margit, the Fell Omen

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

One of Elden Ring's large surprises is that its archetypal large boss, Margit the Fell Omen, reappears overmuch aboriginal successful the crippled with a caller name: Morgott the Omen King. They look and dependable identical, though Morgott has immoderate caller moves to termination you with. The 2 are so 1 and the same—Margit is fundamentally the change ego nether which Morgott does his soiled work. There are loads of YouTube videos you tin ticker that dive into Morgott's lore, but the amusive spot of trivia present is what happens if you skip that archetypal conflict with Margit.

If you spell retired of your mode to debar Stormveil Castle and combat Morgott successful beforehand of the Erdtree, you'll beryllium rewarded with the talisman pouch that Margit would usually driblet erstwhile you bushed him. You tin past instrumentality to Stormveil to find an bare arena. Well, not rather empty: the tract of grace that would look aft you bushed Margit volition beryllium determination waiting for you.

The Lands Between looks similar a Furled Finger (opens successful caller tab)

Elden Ring afloat  map

(Image credit: PatrickGriffiths connected Reddit)

Try finger, but full map. 

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